Charmaine Hayden is best known for being one half of the dynamic force behind the triple award winning modeling agency, Face4music and for being a host on the hit show 'Not for the radio'

Whilst studying Law and Psychology at London’s University of East London, Charmaine began organizing her own live music events. After graduating with a combined HONS she went on to work for a law firm, but always knew that it was not her calling. In 2008 she decided that she would follow her passion after falling accidentally into the role of a model agent whilst connecting with people from university and local clothing labels and musicians.

Face4music is now the leading ‘curve’ specialist model agency. Charmaine and Lina had the unique role of having to coach their beautiful models that were curvy with a wide spectrum of sizes, to walk tall and be confident despite not fitting the status quot requirements to be a model. It was after being nominated a number of times for being a positive role model that Charmaine decided to take up confidence coaching, write and self publish a book on modeling, and set up a Venture capitalist company.

Charmaine Hayden is not just known for her excellence as a businesswoman. Her deep faith and strong social conscience have prompted her to speak out on issues that are hot-button topics in the media industry.

Audiences enjoy Charmaine Hayden's refreshing candor, her honesty, humor and willingness to tackle the tough topics facing people today.
She speaks freely about the role her spirituality plays in life as well as her insights on business, religion, relationships and her openness about balancing her career with being the head of her household. How she encourages confidence through unconventional channels. She is fascinating, entertaining and heart-warming speaker.

As a keynote speaker, Charmaine makes an impression at corporate engagements because she delivers her arguments with intelligence and grace. If you want to engage your audience with a public speaker who brings a decidedly different opinion on life, on being a successful business woman in the media industry, on being a semi feminist and running a model agency or from a woman who shares her secrets to confidence through coaching others, then there are few better choices that Charmaine Hayden. She is an outstanding choice for conservative speaking events, fundraisers and keynote speeches.